Wednesday, 16 September 2009

13th September - Mixon, Rays and very large Conger

Wind still from the North East and initially at a reduced level - water immediately in front of the Mixon slightly choppy - everyone reported good visibility (5m+) and lots of dogfish seen. Second dive was The Park / Seahorse Drift - wind had picked up a bit with some consequent swell - visibiliy still good though and most divers saw Thornback Rays and dogfish with one large Turbot also spotted. Since the wind was still increasing, switched the planned Far Mulberry to Hound Reef - much flatter round the corner and slow drift enjoyed by all - one diver looked under the rocks into one large hole and found a very big Conger staring back!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

12th September - NE wind, Bracklesham Bay and a Red Gurnard

Plenty of wind this week - unfortunately from the North East so the little visibility we gained last weekend was quickly lost. Today's schedule already featured Fossil Beds and the Landing CraftBased so based on the forecast and the swell onto the beach last night, opted to move the Far Mulberry dive also round the corner and consequently spent all day operating from Hillfield Rd car park.

Good (4-5m) visibility on the Fossil Bed dive and a respectable number of fossil teeth found, a distinct chop on the water and heading into the wind guaranteed to produce lots of spray............crept in and out of Hillfield Rd (glad it was a neap tide) and off to the Landing Craft.............lots of fish, multitude of crabs and a manageable drift. Visibility slightly reduced on the second Landing Craft dive............a Red Gurnard proving the most unusual sighting. Somewhat less wind by the end of the day although still quite a lot of swell.