Friday, 30 October 2009

30th October - Giant Polo Tubes, miles of sand and the ASSET course

In Morecame this week on the ASSET course learning how to service and maintain diving equipment - one of the local landmarks is a tall tube painted to look like a tube of POLO mints...........left over from a fairground that closed some time ago. All along the promenade are works of art ranging from a giant picture frame looking out over the Lake District to cormarants in steel..........further along is Eric Morecambe's statue complete with flashing blue lights. Also neaby is a very smart RNLI station for the's obvious why it's needed when you see the miles of sand and mud; I haven't yet seen the water actually come up to the promenade, it's usually somewhere in the distance.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

18th October - Sunshine, blue skies and good visibility.

(a new kitten has arrived and already edited my initial draft to oblivion - more frequent saving needed to ensure it doesn't take me a week to write this!)

After a great week at Marsa Shagra (22 dives - no dugong unfortunately but a good wreck, plenty of relaxed diving, turtles, dolphins, squid - we plan to return next year - come to the 17th November social event to see the photos) and three weeks of poor weather, at last a weekend when we can operate Phoenix - offshore winds of declining strength during the last few days meant visibility had much improved. First dive today was the Landing Craft - I was rather too accurate with the shot - directly on the hull and must have slipped through as I couldn't retrieve it at the end - for the two early divers, plenty of fish and good visibility. Then  the Seahorse Drift - fast at a knot and a half - rays, dogfish, plaice, sea hares and cod - one diver said they could see the surface from the seabed at 8m. Finally, the Mulberry - although the wind freshened initially it died away - the Seasearch survey group found plenty to record including possible early indications of some hard coral forming and I learnt that it was acceptable to say I had seen shredded carrot on a dive :-) - visibility estimated at 5-6m.