Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sunday 14th March - Selsey Lifeboat - 3 to 5m visibility, lots of anemones and scorpion fish.......

At last the winds have dropped and moved away from the East - although visibility under the Lifeboat was offically classified as soup last Wednesday, by this weekend things had settled down to give 3-5m visibility. Water temperature is still low (5-7C depending on computer make) and the marine life is limited to the smaller fish, anenomes and squirts. Fish seen this weekend included plenty of scorpion fish, butterfish and blennies but no wrasse / bass; it seems that the large fish are still further offshore. Lots of dahlia anenomes and easy to see at the moment with little weed to obscure the bottom.

Teddington BSAC dived the Far Mulberry today with Stormforce and also reported 3m + visibility. Phoenix will be operating again from Easter Weekend and in the meantime, Stormforce is running...........see