Thursday, 23 November 2017

Becoming a Dive Professional.

I have been working in the Dive Industry for almost 12 years now and consider myself to be very lucky. From humble beginnings as a diver, who although not a natural fish, was in love with the underwater world from the start, to becoming a Dive Professional; this is a journey that I have enjoyed taking.

My job like any other can involve a mountain of paperwork – strange considering how well water and paper mix! It can involve the day to day tasks of drinks making, filing and cleaning. These parts are however not at the core of my job. I get to dive, explore and introduce people to this amazing world and sport. 
Training Dives on the Far Mulberry

I changed career to join the Diving Industry with zero experience. I knew I loved the water; I knew I was merely existing in my current profession; I knew something had to change. Then came the opportunity to use my skills in retail in a completely different environment, but with the caveat “you will need to learn to dive”. I have sold beds, TV computers, sofas, glassware, china and clocks so why not Scuba Equipment?

I started working as the Dive Centre Manager and began my diver training. It did not take me long to realise that I wanted to share this adventure with others – that meant becoming a Professional. Once a Professional I could help others enjoy the underwater world as much I did.  When people ask me did I have any regrets changing direction, career, home and lifestyle I say my one regret is that I waited until I was in my 30s to start this journey!

The Career Path Structure
There are many reasons to become a Dive Professional and my reasons might not be yours but whoever you are it takes your diving to a new level. That smile when a diver masters a skill they struggled with, the light in their eyes when discussing what they saw on their dive and knowing that you helped them get to that point gives amazing job satisfaction.
SSI Dive Professionals start as Dive Guides, who once qualified can lead certified divers on guided dives. We are contacted regularly by people who want to go diving but perhaps do not have a regular buddy, lack the confidence to dive without a mentor or who have never been in the sea, but want to move on to exploring the sites off our coast. Your experience and knowledge helps them on their journey.

Where will it take you?
If enjoy your diving and want to share this sport with others why not consider becoming a Professional? Part time or full time, there are opportunities for all levels of qualified Dive Professionals. It is often said that diving opens a door into another World but I can testify that being a Professional opens a door into working in some amazing destinations worldwide. I chose the UK where will it take you?

If you want to find out more about how to get started why not contact the Dive Centre to book a progression meeting. We can help you develop your plan to achieve your goals. Whether you are a new diver who knows where you want to go or an experienced diver looking to share your knowledge. and we are here to help. We have Professional Courses running on a regular basis and are very happy to explain the SSI Professional Structure and life as a Professional in the UK.