Saturday, 11 July 2009

11th July - Continued visibility but rather too much wind.

Visibility under the Lifeboat was good last night despite the wind over the past few days - unfortunately we didn't get to see the eel that features in the latest YouTube video - see and watch until the end.

Managed to fit in an early boat trip this mmorning to the Far Mulberry although the wind introduced some swell; visibility also good here and many lobsters seen with the usual shoals of fish. However that was the end of the scheduled boat diving as the wind increased but we did manage to fit in a drift dive with boat cover from East Beach down to the Lifeboat-fast and enjoyed by all. :-)

Sunday, 5 July 2009

5th July - Drift Diving and Seahorses

The weather was not so nice this weekend with wind of varying strength from the W / SW - however the visibility has remained consistently good throughout.

Yesterday saw an early start for Sea Selsey preparations followed by a Park Drift - decided to stay slightly closer and started not far from the Far Mulberry - since it was close to High Water then there was an appreciable current (just under 1 knot) - as normal, the four divers covered approx two-thirds or a mile back towards Selsey - I wasn't surprised at the reports of Thornback Rays but the news that one buddy pair had seen and photographed a seahorse was excellent news. Although seahorses were seen a few times on shore dives last year, this is the first time we have heard of a sighting during an offshore dive. The photos can be seen here along with impressive pictures of the Thornback Ray.

For some time we have found that drift dives we offer on Phoenix tend not to fill up as easily as the Mulberry trips - we don't really understand why this is the case since from our perspective they offer the chance to cover a reasonably wide area of relatively unknown ground that may offer the chance of seeing something unusual - perhaps this seahorse will encourage more people to try this style of diving.

Consistently good visibility on the Mulberry over the weekend, particularly satisfying for the SeaSearch group from Lodge Scuba that were able to exercise their new surveying skills - large shoals of bib /poor cod and pollack.