Monday, 24 August 2009

24th August - Vulcan Bomber, possible Seahorse and plenty of sun!

Although the wind shifted round to the South, we managed to complete all five planned weekend boat dives plus nearly 30 people dived under the Lifeboat station on our monthly marshalled dive. We held the August social BBQ at East Beach on Saturday although the evening wind was rather chillier than we would have wished - blue skies and sun during the day meant that I managed to top up the tan (however my unscheduled swim on Sunday when I overbalanced whilst mooring was not particularly helpful!).

Visibility on the Far Mulberry and surrounding area was consistently about 4-5m; we moved one dive from Bracklesham Bay on Saturday since the water looked green with limited visibilityas I brought Phoenix round from Itchenor. During the afternoons, the Far Mulberry provided an ideal location to benefit from the air displays at Shoreham and Bournemouth - the Vulcan bomber was impressive on both days although it turned right at Pagham and avoided Selsey - in contrast the Lancaster flew along the coast at low altitude and seemed determined to follow every indentation.

Plenty of dogfish and some rays on the High Water drift - one diver thought he had seen a seahorse swimming past him with the characteristic 'nodding' action - no pictures this time though.

Plenty of wind forecast this week - perhaps it will settle for the weekend and not disturb the visibility too much.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

20th August - Whither next?

It's that time when we start to think about holidays next year..............more difficult this time as we try to gauge economic conditions and what aspirations people will have; we'd like to include a Scapa Flow trip (would be the perfect chance to exercise the new Oceanic OC-1 dive computer that a very nice dive centre manager has bought me - features dual algorithms and upto three wireless transmitters) - there is debate as well about the best Red Sea location; should we return to Safaga or Marsa Alam or possibly try Dahab instead. We'll try and canvass views at the weekend BBQ and each time we see people.........................

20th August - Busy, busy, busy............

July finished with a run of poor weather and a couple of weekends when we didn't run the boat - then the initial weekend in August was OK-ish - the wind and wave combination gave a pitch and yaw motion............visibility though was good but we cancelled two dives on Saturday when the rain arrived and closed down surface visibility. Then an almost perfect day on 8th August - calm, flat sea and good visibility. Sunday saw equally good conditions and Linda was able to complete an Open Water course on the Landing Craft and Mulberry. Last weekend the weather was borderline and in the end we opted for a couple of dives along the reef off the end of the Lifeboat - plenty of fish and visibility quite reasonable until the tide flooded.

Last night we gave our Selsey Festival presentation; 78 people turned up this year and we showed various video clips and photographs (thanks to Robert Walker, Dory Productions, Richard Scales and Jo Clark) showing marine life Underneath the Lifeboat Station throughout the year. This completes the August non-diving activities - we organised the Walking Treasure Hunt for Lifeboat (99 people took part although not everyone collected their results as the Fireworks had moved to Saturday) and just about managed to complete our share of the house-to-house collections (heard today that we raised just over £205 from our four roads alone) - overall Lifeboat week seems to have gone very well this year. Now a few weeks of concentrating on the diving before the Red Sea holiday.