Sunday, 19 September 2010

September 19th - Competition results - Lifeboat DIve

Given the forecast we decided not to run Phoenix today; however the Dry Suit course went ahead under the Lifeboat since that was sheltered from the SW wind, Visibility was about 4m with not too much slop onto the beach.

We managed to persuade a few more divers to enter the Beachwatch competition and the final total raised was £175 - thanks to everyone who contributed; £135 will go to Selsey RNLI and the rest to Project Aware. The answers to the competition were that Phoenix made 84 trips in the period specified and 442 divers travelled..............the closest guess was 80 dives and 400 divers; whilst several guesses had been the subject of fevered calculator work yesterday, there were also a few that can only be described as wishful thinking! Three people won a trip to the Far Mulberry for themselves and a buddy.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

September 18th - Beachwatch, Rays on the Drift Dive and Sunshine

Although slightly chilly, blue sky and sunshine gave us perfect weather for Beachwatch 2010. This year, some 36 divers carried out the underwater cleaning whilst approximately 60 people took care of the beach itself. A total of 160kg of litter was assembled in the familiar Chichester District Council bags - underwater there was the usual BBQ grills, some gun cartridge cases, a very large bolt and lots of fishing line. The event finished with a BBQ organised by the Selsey Lions. It looks like we raised some £140 - we donated 50% of any equipment hire today, plus the competition to win a free Far Mulberry trip and several generous donations for tea and coffee.

Boat dives today included the local drift (rays. dogfish all seen), Mixon (approx 6m visibility here with 3-4m reported by others on the Teapot) and finally the Far Mulberry - it was noticeable by the end of the afternoon that the wind had freshened and moved to SW resulting in a distinct chop in the water.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

5th September - Easterly winds and not so good visibility

An 'interesting' weekend............the wind stayed firmly in the East so we had some waves; we managed to run two dives on Friday (Mulberry - 5m vis and Landing Craft - lots of surge and no vis under 5m) although care was needed with loading / unloading at EastBeach. Tone was somewhat disconcerted at the end of the afternoon to find that our morring appeared to have vanished. The mystery was solved when some of the local fishermen handed over the top part of the mooring that they had found - I plan to dive the bottom half this week and determine exactly what happened - in the meantime we're grateful to everyone who has lent us moorings:-)

Saturday - the Ocean Diver course went to Wraysbury and I fitted in two Hounds Reef trips with Phoenix - regrettably there was plenty of surge and average visibility; not many fish seen but plenty of crabs. Decided not to run any dive trips on Sunday.

Sunday -we all went to Vobster; it rained hard in the morning (I was surface cover and had not thought to take a dry suit) but brightened up for the afternoon. The thermocline surprised the Ocean Divers and visibility varied reflecting how busy it was. Everyone passed and the trip back was occupied looking at the old tractors and steam engines coming away from the Dorset Steam Fair.