Wednesday, 13 April 2011

New Location for Our Blog

We've decided to integrate the Blog into the Mulberry Divers can now be found at The switch will happen over the next few days - the most recent blogs have been copied over and new posts will in future only appear in the new location.
Please let us know whether you find the Blog useful or have any other comments.


Saturday, 9 April 2011

9th April - Lumpsuckers galore - Starfish under Lifeboat Station

Blue sky but somewhat too much wind from the East - so we moved to Hillfield Rd (fortuitously this was the first day the car park re-opened after the beach shingle recharge that has been conducted over the winter)and ran three dives in Bracklesham Bay - much calmer water on this side as the day progressed. Whilst the first cuttlefish has yet to be seen under the Lifeboat Station, two divers did find three Starfish (two Common, third not determined); we haven't seen Starfish here before so wonder if they have migrated in.

The first dive on Hound Reef produced a profusion of Lumpsuckers - for at least one diver, they went from not having seen one before to finding five or six. Plenty of other marine life.........Lobsters in particular. Second dive was the Landing Craft - good 4-5m visibility with some drift.  For the third dive, back to Hound Reef - notable here were reports of large Wrasse in some numbers.

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