Thursday, 14 July 2016

My Day Freediving with Lotta Eriksson

Some of you may be aware that I have been discovering a passion for Freediving. This started with me wanting to improve my snorkelling experiences and take advantage of being in the water without SCUBA. I found with a snorkel you could sneak up on the shyest marine life and there was less chance of scaring it away so you could observe it whilst it observed you.  I took my SSI Level 1 Freediver Course nearly two years ago and have not looked back since - as my experience and passion have grown we have looked to be able to introduce Freediving at Mulberry Divers. 

On 21st June, Linda and I were able to complete our Basic Freediving Instructor Course and had the great experience of having a day with Lotta Eriksson, SSI International Training Director, who has been working on a great new Freediving range of courses with SSI. Even better we got her to ourselves – an amazing way to benefit from a wealth of experience. 

The day started with a look at the new SSI course structure for Freediving development, they have introduced a number of specialities to support the core programs. I have already begun work on my Tables speciality and there are several overs I cannot wait to do – Dynamic and Monofin to name a couple. Of course Monofin goes with the secret inner desire to see what it would be like to be a Mermaid!!

A class discussion evolved around correct breathing techniques and the importance to Freedivers followed by a Dry Static session. Lotta was great with ways to help me with my urge to breathe which likes to arrive early and state its presence. 

We then moved to working in water for about four hours, concentrating on the skills. 
- Relaxation techniques for Static work and how to help loosen off that one stubborn muscle area we all tend to have. 
- Perfecting how to set weights for neutral buoyancy when doing dynamic and for surface before duck ducking. There is a dramatic difference between the two. 
- Common problems that can occur with fining techniques and how to solve them and then time spent perfecting the duck dive – this is critical to the success of your Freedive so really worth getting right – truly amazing how easy it is to reach depth when everything works right. 
The final portion of our skills workshop concentrated on the rescue skills you may need to deal with black out and loss of motor control. 

Buzzing from a great pool session we returned to the class room to have an in-depth look at equalisation techniques, the skills videos included in the course materials and take the exam. I completed the day with filling out my log book and taking part in a group picture. It is a day that has only increased my enthusiasm for a sport I love and am looking forward to introducing you to the world of Freediving.  

Thank you Lotta for the wise words, fun and helping me prepare for the next step....teaching others. 

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Anya Frampton